Breathing & Projection Technique Sessions 2017

Terri Freeman, voice and breathing coach and musical director writes :

“Firstly thank you for the opportunity to take your choir over for the 3 sessions above. I hope to make each 40 mins as helpful, stimulating and above all enjoyable as possible.

Having mapped out the sessions, I would like to give you a brief outline of how the time will be spent and hope that I will cover enough ground to satisfy your expectations.

As I have only 40 minutes per session – I have divided the work into three sections, as it would be of little benefit to try and fit everything into each individual session.”

September 26 Session 1 – Body Preparation

This will cover aspects of

  • Body Posture for singing – sitting, standing, head, neck, face, mouth
  • Breath – diaphragmatic  inhaling and exhaling correctly
  • Support – using the stomach muscles  – for sustaining and volume
  • Resonance – for focus, volume and keeping the pitch

The last three of these of course could easily take up the forty minutes, so it will have to be a fairly short brief on each, but the theory will be coupled with a lot of hands on and practical try out for the choir.

October 24 Session 2 – Vocal Quality and Blend

This session will cover

  • Vowel production – use of the ‘singing’ vowels  and  adjustments for good tone quality
  • Consonants – tongue awareness, voiced and unvoiced sounds with forward placement
  • Diction – obtaining the best quality and clarity of sound

There will be a lot of vocalising going on here as the choir try out the expanded versions of the above.

November 14 Session 3 – Getting It All Together

This will session will cover

  • Use of a very well known item of my choice for trying out the combination of the two previous sessions
  • A choice of one of the choir’s own songs – a brief read through for identification of points from the sessions (Alan has already made this selection)
  • A sing through of that item, with Alan conducting
  • If there is time left: questions from the floor

That gives you an idea of how I hope to proceed. It is very difficult for me to time this, as much depends on the choir’s response to the practical parts offered.

I believe there is sufficient material to cover the sessions – but I may have to skate lightly over some parts if we are running out of time.